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Buying Lake Havasu foreclosures, either vacant land or homes has the potential for big gains for both investors and owner occupied properties.  However, you have to be careful since purchasing a property that is vacant and has no known history or disclosures available for the Buyer’s review can complicate normal processes.  Most foreclosures will be a great deal, but not every one will be, and you need to know how to protect your investment.  Choosing an experienced and honest Realtor who will put your interests first is the key.

Our team will help you successfully navigate through the sometimes complex foreclosure and REO process.  We have represented both Buyer and Sellers in foreclosure sales resulting in a unique perspective for our buyers.  Seeing both sides of the transaction in the detail has helped us formulate a plan to cut through the “red tape” and save time.  Due to the low prices of these foreclosed properties, they are typically very popular listings and will usually receive multiple offers.  We know what the Asset Managers of these properties are looking for and we can help tailor your offer to not only suit your needs but help create an offer that is appealing to the Sellers.  Let us put our foreclosure experience and training to work for you!

The Kleefisch Real Estate Team has been trained to negotiate through the foreclosure purchase process.  We have obtained the National Association of Realtor’s Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource certification and we are REO Default Certified Professionals.  We are not just book smart but have the experience to know what the REO lenders are looking for.  Our experience, plus our quality training, will help to avoid the potential foreclosure pitfalls as you consider purchasing foreclosed property.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  Put the Kleefisch Real Estate Team to work for you!

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 Click Here for a FREE list of Lake Havasu City FORECLOSURES!

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